Midnight Forest Leaping Fox Pendant


A simple leaping fox pendant in sterling silver.


A beautiful handmade sterling silver Fox pendant from my “Midnight Forest” collection – Now in two sizes!

Each one is hand cut and handmade by me in my small workshop in Leicestershire, UK. Made with 100% sterling silver, it also comes with a handmade hook clasp.

The Fox can be a symbol of Cunning, Opportunity and Mischief! Here, he leaps across the full moon; where his dance will take him, who knows! This pendant is perfect for any Spring wedding, Summer picnic, Autumn feast or Winter gathering.

Large: Weight: 3g (29.5g with box) Size: 20mm across.

Small: Weight: 2.8g (29.3g with box) Size: 17mm across.

Necklace length approximately 18.5 Inches end to end.

Additional information

Weight 29.5 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 cm

Large, Small


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