Here I will be sharing upcoming events and news with you. I hope I can meet you at a craft fair or exhibition soon!

June 25-26th 2022: Rachael will be taking part in NEST; An exhibition of artists and makers at the Melbourne Assembly Rooms, Derbyshire. “A gathering of artists with connections to Leicestershire and Derbyshire, creating thoughtful, imaginative work which in some way reflects the natural world and has a sense of the spirit and rhythms of life in this place nestled near to the National Forest, filled with history, stories and wildlife.”

September 17th-18th 2022: Rachael will be taking part in Melbourne Arts Festival this year! The Art and Architecture Trail consists of easy-walking loops around the central streets of Melbourne with artists and makers exhibiting in Gardens and Halls this year. There is also food, drink and musical entertainment around the village, and much more! Rachael will be selling her work from Andrea Simpson Facialists – Number 13 in the trail guide! Check out the website for more information on the festival, and how to get there: HERE.