Welcome to the shop! Here you will find various items that I have lovingly designed and made over many months of trial and error. You may want to scroll through them all! Or you may be looking for something specific; In this case, please choose your desired collection from the ‘Category’ menu on the right of this page or CLICK HERE.

Everything – Exactly as it says; everything and anything we offer! For those that don’t want specific categories and just want the goods.

Hare And Wolf – A collection of One of A Kind pieces, some featuring etched metals, some with Keum Boo fused Gold details (and some both!). Perfect if you want something entirely unique and a bit glam. Make a statement with Hare and Wolf!

Midnight Forest – A collection of my much loved staples; Hares, Foxes, and Badgers lurk in the mushroom forest… and more besides! Choose between beloved favourites or One of a Kind offerings, as you move through the whispering leaves.

Moon Berries – A smaller collection of classically simple pieces, decorated with lush berries of Garnet, Moonstone and other precious stones. Mainly made to order, with one or two One of a Kind sets, these are the ideal choice for anyone wanting an understated but beautiful touch of colour.

Discontinued – Just as it says, these are items I am no longer producing, or the last of items that have undergone changes or improvements since release. They can come from any of the above collections, and are usually on sale. Grab yourself a bargain!

Prints – Coming soon!